Mardi Gras Mud by Libby D's Studio is a small, full-time pottery and glass studio. We specialize in fired stoneware as well as functional ware, decorative Raku and Sagar fire ware and Horse Hair-Pet Hair Pottery.

Located in the oldest thriving "Open-Air" market in the United States, tucked deep in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter, is our studio. All of our pots are wheel thrown or hand-built in our "stall" at the New Orleans Farmer's Market.

We carry a wide variety of wheel thrown, as well as hand-built pottery and pride ourselves in creating pieces that serve a useful purpose as well as being beautiful.

Our glass bottles are considered recycled wine and liquor bottles for the cheese trays, glass spoon rests and wind chimes.


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P O T T E R Y   A N D   R E C Y C L E D   G L A S S   W O R K S